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Do You Want To Use A Cash Advance Network To Buy That New Set of Drums?

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

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Make sure you do a good research to find the best deal as information for most of these networks are available online. Compare the interest rates as well as the finance charges which would be imposed on the loan. Also, always remember that since these loans are too expensive to be kept for long time, they are also known as short term loans and make sure you are in position to repay these loans on your next pay day or the one after to the most.

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What are Drums?

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

The drum is a musical instrument of the percussion family. In various forms it is used in bands and orchestras to establish and maintain the rhythm of a composition. The drum consists of a wooden or metal cylinder with calfskin stretched tightly over one or both ends. Tension on the drumhead is maintained by thumbscrews around the perimeter of the cylinder.

The bass drum is the largest of all drums and produces a deep, thunderous sound of indefinite pitch. It has great resonance due to the deep wooden cylinder of its framework and the comparatively small amount of tension on its two heads. The bass drum is usually at least 32 inches in diameter and is struck with a long felt-headed mallet.

The timpani, or kettledrums, are the most essential percussion instruments in the orchestra. They can be tuned to a definite pitch and are generally used in groups of three or four to achieve a compass of slightly more than one octave.

The snare drum is a double-headed drum of smaller diameter and indefinite pitch. A series of cords, called snares, stretched across its underside gives the tone a sharp- crackling sound. With the snares released, the drum has a hollow sound resembling that of the tomtom. The tenor drum, also called field drum, is slightly larger than the snare drum and has no snares. It has a dull sound of little resonance and is used almost exclusively in military bands. Other small varieties of the drum include the tambourine, the tom-tom, and the bongo drums, all used occasionally for special effects in jazz groups, concert bands, and symphony orchestras. Along with other percussion instruments, drums are usually placed at the extreme rear of the musical ensemble.

The drum is one of the oldest of musical instruments and is known to have been used by the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians. It was first used in symphonic music near the end of the 17th century. Among the first composers to employ drums in their music were Purcell, Bach, Gluck, and Haydn.

Toca Synergy

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

Toca Synergy
Is there anywhere I can get my djembe to listen to San Antonio?

Toca synergy Djembe have. Should be to listen, but do not know exactly how. When I bought it at Sam Ash guy said it could take must be in tune. Then when it came time to upgrade, I called and they said they do not like getting dirty with this type of battery. He told me to dry some skin to tighten, but I have properly configured. Anyone know where or perhaps a tutorial very good detail I go? Thank you.

Ask for references locally.

Toca Synergy Fiberglass Congas and Bongos

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Mapex Drum

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

Mapex Drum
How to paint a drum kit?

I paint my Mapex Q series drum kit. I know I have to be dismantled and the sand it and what no. But my real question is, do I have to remove the film de''''qu'elle in it? If so, how I can do this? And if I take the drum from collapsing?

Take the short film nescesary and easy. Find the seam, that heat with a hairdryer for a minute or two, then up the joint with a knife or spatula and remove the battery. Go slowly and carefully to avoid while pulling up the wood. The surface must remain intact the movie is just a cover that is not something together. Put "remove the film Drum" on google or web forums to search for battery manufacturers, as ghostnote Drumshed and detailed instructions. These forums are also a good place for ideas easy and economical way to finish.

MAPEX DRUM CLINIC “Scramble!”- Glen Sobel

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Risen Drums

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

risen drums
When I hit my breaks, my car pulls to the left. My right drum is super hot. What could be the problem?

I was driving and noticed my car pulling to the left really hard when I break. I also noticed smoke rising from the right front of my car. and when I got home I put my hand to the right drum and felt 5 times the heat coming from it normally. The tires are fine and its on tight, But I cant tell if the break itself is shot or what is wrong. Any Ideas?

your caliber or drum is stuck. I dont know if you know this or not but breaks can and do catch on fire. You need to get that checked out immediatly…

be careful


Risen Drums – Keith Anderson

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Conga Drum

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Conga Drum
Anyone know any good music with conga drums or something similar?

I wanna run with conga drums or something similar. Anyone know any good songs with conga drums or something to that affect?

. . . and another drum and bass song.

Here’s a hip-hop song (it has bongos or something like that in the beat).

Playing Funk on Conga Drums

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Wood Snare

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Wood Snare
What size drum set?

what size drum set would be good for me?
i’m a 8th grader and medium height

# 16″ x 22″ Bass Drum
# 16″ x 16″ Floor Tom
# 11″ x 13″ Tom
# 10″ x 12″ Tom
# 6.5″ x 14″ Wood Snare
would this be big enough?


That’s a deep snare, deeper than normal.

Cherry Wood Snare 14″ x 6″ 18mm Handmade Segmented (Hungarian Cherry Wood)

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Doumbek Bongo

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Doumbek Bongo

Nritarutya debuted in New Delhi with Prayog 3

New Delhi: Nritarutya, a dance group for the first time in Lima, made ​​its debut in New Delhi Prayog 3, a multimedia production india exciting contemporary dance including recent experiences with a contrast group, balance and strength, Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi, April 16, 2011 at 19:00. Admission is free. For details:

Prayog 3 is an exciting multimedia production, progressive and innovative in content, consisting of four parts unique choreography by Mayuri Upadhya (Kali / Ardha Nareshwar) Madhuri Upadhya (Chitta) and BG Sathya (Mars). Prayog as production, shows the movement and thought that are currently under study in the outer periphery of the dance scene in Bangalore. Using classical dance Kathak and Bharatanatyam, martial arts, dance, yoga and people Prayog 3 acquires a unique flavor in itself.

"We selected the works based on a variety of topics, only to Delhi, to mark our innovations in dance. Finding a balance in the choice of topics, our dancing in this issue visual works inspired by mythology theme was modern, "said Mayuri Upadhya, artistic director, Nritarutya.

Nritarutya is two words. Nritya dance sense and meaning taru tree. So, essentially, a dance Nritarutya "tree." dance is woven tapestry by Nritarutya group travel. The body "Our trips are inspired by our indigenous roots and cultural heritage -. myths, folklore, literature and painting, among other This diversity and richness combined with our eclectic background in various disciplines of the indigenous movement – ballet, martial arts, yoga and dance – is fed our art, which gives it its unique rasa, "said Mayuri Upadhya.

What makes the event even more special is that his dance is dynamic, constantly redefining of the spaces in the use of advanced technologies – multimedia, mixed media, video art. Mayuri said: "Our dance reflects India is now – in its inspiration, music and movement vocabulary. "

To Prayog 3, the curtain with the first piece choreographed Sathya BG entitled "Mars." The piece is energetic, very physical and nritta based mainly male artists. Using a vocabulary of Bharatanatyam infused with drama and work contact physical, the law seeks to promote the body to its limits in the context of creative dance. "Mars is an art that aims to expose the many layers and dimensions you are a man. In the composition, highlights the masculine energy, confidence, repressed emotions and children hiding inside a man. This piece uses a unique property in a metaphorical way toggle to highlight the different levels that exist in the representation of human society, the nuances of the experience lives to survive, "said Sathya BG

March named percussion skills Darbuka Siva (Yodhaka band, Chennai), which has received rave reviews favorable for a wide range of percussion instruments including drums, congas, timbales, cajon, darbuka Middle East, the bongos, the Egyptian doumbek, djembe table African Ghatam, the dholak dholand to name a few.

The next song is "Kali", choreographed by Mayuri Upadhya which is based a story from Hindu mythology. Originally commissioned and performed for the royal family of Mysore – the Wadiyar – Classical dance is inspired and the neo-traditional. Play with eight dancers, dance is an ode to the goddess fierce murderer move – The Bhadrakali, popularly known as the South. Magnificence in nine avatars is presented through dance Bharatanatyam classical inspired. His dance of death is considered a union with God, the nirvana of the soul, a beginning and not an end. "Death is seen as a celebration here, with a constant current image of a bird, a carrier and a winged messenger / vahana to another world. Busy with a haunting melody adds to the atmosphere dark law. The dance is designed to display the color of the night, and hair the color of blood flowing in your language – Kaali beautification, accounts as the crown, the heads of dead demons are dancing and drinking their blood, "says Mayuri Upadhya.

"Kaali" followed by "Chittar a piecechoreographed by Madhuri Upadhya, who is also a graduate of Fine Arts, in addition to being trained Kathak and Bharatanatyam dancer. "The act Chittar not follow any particular style of dance, is both soft and breathy. "Madhuri Upadhya said.

"Chittar" is a visual presentation stimulant that uses dance to create stunning images from the scene of a kaleidoscopic variety of Rangoli patterns, while the incorporation of techniques mixed in the form of graphs and projections. The book aims to draw on a typical morning in southern India, where you can listen Suprabhatam, Rangoli preparedness see the houses and provide a spiritual home for the day. The music in the room is Rzhude David, former guitarist for rock band Thermal and a quarter.

The grand finale of the evening will be "Ardha Nareshwar", choreographed with music Mayuri Upadhya nothing less than Raghu Dixit Raghu Dixit project. The work is theatrical, has a stake advanced stage and is inspired by everyday situations.

"In our mythology, Ardha Nareshwar is the manifestation of Shiva joins the strengths of women and male power, of matter and energy to show both the nature of both universe. Today, I believe that each of us is a contemporary Ardha Nareshwar who won the privilege and made a conscious choice to be here " Mayuri says.

The piece is very front in the design, which makes the exploration of vertical and not horizontal. In the images we see Nareshwar Ardha text divided vertically by a line. What if the horizontal line … then it would be a transsexual to be a living example of a Ardha Nareshwar? Why do we live in a world of paradoxes, seeking peace in a variety of worldly desires and prosecution. bike ride for women / men cry … merger with gender roles … we have some rights of a woman or a man is a complement to it? Can there be a balance in the world today? "Demand for Mayuri. Therefore, this dance is more than an observation of a trial comparing the contrasts of India times, the interdependence between internal and external relations.

About the Author

darbuka drum percussion bongo middle eastern doumbek egyptian tabla music rhythm solo split finger

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Gretsch Renown

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Gretsch Renown
What is the difference between battery and Gretsch Catalina Maple Maple fame together?

What causes the battery to significantly Gretsch Catalina Maple cheaper than Gretsch Renown Maple kit, if both series are ply maple shells-6?

I would say that the finishes are much better quality Fame. Fame also have an inner liner (a bit like a gray metal), which helps maintain a strong increase of the shell attack. Reputation are the best when it comes to quality, but sound, you may not be a big difference

Tim Lucas – Jammin around!! (Gretsch Renown)

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Slingerland Drums

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

slingerland drums
Slingerland drums?

yeh, I have a battery apparnelty Slingerland kit, which consists of: drums, drum (with stand) hat ride tom cyambal high (attached) lack tom, I do not know if the snare drum, snare support, hi-hat or cymbals wrinkle comes with the kit or purchased separately. The color of the bass drum, tom tom and high is a kind of glossy green sheen. The box is silver. lol that's all I know really. U What is expected for this type of thing, and Slingerland not have half-tom?

It looks like a standard 4 piece Slingerland kit. The trap is standard chrome kits for most of the time. Slingerland level is very good quality input and intermediate teams for many years. The dishes are usually purchased separately. There must be a pair of hi-hat cymbals. The pedal was usually low a "speed king" type of pedal. If the car is in perfect condition (no corrosion or scratches), can be worth up to $ 1,000 to a collector, but it is very rare. More often used to sell these kits anywhere between $ 200 and $ 400. Not having a bass drum pedal affect the price and the apparent lack of a pair of scales hi-hat. This finish is generally known as "the spark of sea foam green" or "green Champagne Call a local drum store for more information

1960′s Slingerland Drums

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